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Mrs. Troy's European Travel Adventures
 Hirzlich willkommen aus Deutschland

I want to welcome you to my new web site. This sight will have pictures and descriptions about the places I visit during my stay in Germany.  I will put a few German phrases in from time to time so that you can also learn another language.  I also want to share with you some of the exciting and unique places that I have the opportunity to visit.  Some will appeal to everyone and some will only appeal to a few.  However, while I am in Germany and traveling through Europe, I want to share the highlights of my travels with you and I hope that this will be a fun and entertaining web site, as well as an educational one.  So, once again, Guten Tag und willkommen zur mein web site.
Here you will find a page dedicated to my European travels.  I will include pictures and a brief description of each picture and place that I visit.  European travel is very convienient and many places are within a short drive or train ride. There are some that are literally right down the road from where I live.  I think that this is a great way to let you see what an opportunity this is for me and hopefully inspire you to someday travel and see the sights.  After all, just because it appears in a book doesn't mean that it is really there, because, as you well know, you can't believe everything you read.
I hope you will visit the sight regularly.  I plan on traveling quite a bit and will be updating the sight after I return from a visit, so there will frequently be new additions to the web site.  I will also have entries that will reflect how holidays are celebrated in Germany and how these celebrations are different from our celebrations in America.  This site promises to be your connection to the sights and sounds that make Europe a neat place to visit.
If you want to contact me just to say hello or tell me about something of interest to you, please contact me at the following address:
Mrs. Carol Troy
PSC 2, Box 10428
APO AE  09012-0053
Email Address:
This is my US postal address.  Please realize that if you send something via snail mail, it sometimes takes almost 2 weeks to get here.  The reasons are interesting, but too long to tell you about here.  Just know that mail can take some time.  I would love to hear from you, so please write when you can.